The Market:

Lack of affordable and easy to manage POS systems make it difficult for small and medium sized traders to have accountable and formal records of inventory management. Moreover, these merchants & their customers pay multiple transaction fees thereby eating into their thin margins.

The Opportunity:

Bitsoko is spurring the growth of cashless ecosystems by enabling customers and merchants to adopt and use blockchain currencies for payment. We help merchants to carry out their business more formally, with functions such as stock & delivery management, customer loyalty integration & feedback collection available.

The Solution:

This platform guarantees benefits such as increased sales, improved security and eliminates cash handling costs. This benefits all stakeholders - customers & merchants alike. Moreover, the investment required to deploy the technology is within the reach of this market.

BITS Tokens will be used to vote on changes to the platform where one vote will be equal to one token.
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Any ERC20 compatible token will be used to transact with merchants on bitsoko to buy/sell or by merchants to award loyalty points.
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